Bus Tie Ducts

Multitech Engineering Services design, manufacture, supply, install test and commission the bus tie duct of low voltage system as per customers’ requirements as well as follows the international standards

Bus tie ducts are designed and manufactured to provide connectivity from transformer to low voltage switchgear and connecting up multiple switchgear panels.

Features of our Bus Tie Ducts are :

  • Available for ampere rating up to 6300 Amperes and 1000 Volts
  • Electrolytic copper or aluminum conductor options
  • Busbar current rating 800 Ampere to 6000 Ampere at low voltage
  • Busbar system short circuit rating 50 KA for 1 second to 100 KA for 1 second
  • Voltage Rating 415 Volts/690 Volts
  • Ingress Protection IP 40, IP 43, IP 54, IP 64 (Indoor)
  • Color available in all RAL
  • Flexible connections are provided at the transformer end to absorb the vibrations and contraction/extraction due to temperature variations
  • Earthing points are provided to earth bus tie duct body
  • designed to meet required voltage, ampere and fault level ratings
  • Electrolytic Copper Bus Bars supported on insulators, enclosed in a study sheet-metal duct.
  • joints are tin-plated
  • Rust free paint/heat shrink insulation sleeves