Low Voltage Switchgears

We manufacture and supply the Low Voltage Switchgears rated from 800 Amperes to 6500 Amperes and operating voltage of 1000 V AC, 600 V DC with necessary components and related equipment as required or specified.

  • We successfully manufactured, installed and commissioned low voltage switchgears up to 5000A.
  • Necessary Interlocking to safeguard the equipment and operating mechanism is taken care of while designing.
  • Necessary measuring and recording instruments like the following are mounted on front doors and are easily accessible for checking :
    • Ampere meter
    • Volt Meter
    • Energy Meter
    • R, Y, B Phase indicators
  • The Protective Earth (PE) and Neutral (N) are provided.
  • All the designing, manufacturing and assembly are carried out according to international standards IEC 61439-2.
  • Ingress Protection Class: IP 54, 42 or 31.
  • Insulated Bus Bars when specified
  • Short circuit withstands strengths and temperature rise limitations in accordance with IEC- 61439 standards.
  • Accommodation of fixed or withdraw able Circuit breakers, fuse switches and Power Factor Improvement Plant
  • Rated Current : Up to 6000 Amperes
  • Rated Operational voltage of 1000 V AC, 600 V DC
  • Rust free and powder coated paint